What gun should I get for concealed carry?

 What gun should I buy for concealed carry? I get this question all of the time. The answer is simple. Get the biggest gun you are willing to carry everyday. There is no one answer to this question, so I will give you my thoughts on things to consider. What caliber are you most comfortable shooting? I like 9mm, and that is all I carry. A 9mm will have less recoil than a larger caliber in the same size gun. Most ... Read More

Can you learn Krav Maga Online?

 Can you learn Krav Maga Online?  I hear this question from time to time.  The answer is simple.  You learn by  reading,watching, or hearing.  Learning self defense is no different than learning anything else.  With SelfProtection TV, you simply watch the videos, listen to the instruction, and then practice.  It is important that videos are short with great audio and video... Read More

Predicting Long Term Violent Behavior

Predicting Long Term Violent Behavior            In many cases long-term violent behavior can be predicted.  One must look at several different factors to determine the probability of one committing violent acts long term.  This paper will identify some factors to consider when predicting long-term violent behavior.  The paper will also use a ... Read More

Do you train both armed and unarmed self defense?

Armed or Unarmed Training? Why will most people use unarmed self-defense skills before they can transition to the gun?  The answer is simple.  Attacks are hard and fast and will catch most people off guard.  If you are attacked, it is imperative that you defend that attack before attempting to transition to a concealed firearm.  If you do not successfully defend the attack, you may not get ... Read More

Krav Maga is Garbage!

Krav Maga is Garbage!Unfortunately, Krav Maga has fallen victim to the same virus that has attacked many other styles of self defense; the Super Cool Ninja Move Virus.   The Super Cool Ninja Virus infects the instructor's mind and corrupts the philosophy of the system he is teaching.An instructor will see some cool looking move, and then decided he should teach it to his students.  Flying knees a... Read More

Krav Maga and The Knife - A Real Life Story

One night Kevin, a 18 year old fresh out of high school, attended a college party.  Kevin had a little too much to drink and was creating a little drama.  Kevin was very small, standing only 5'6" and weighing in at a staggering 125 lbs.  John took notice and was becoming quite irritated with Kevin.  John was 6'3" and 240 lbs. John had enough of this nonsens... Read More

6 Attacks Solved with 1 Krav Maga Technique

6 Attacks Solved with 1 Krav Maga TechniqueThe FBI collects information on all crimes through Uniformed Crime Reports and recently released the statistcs for 2013.  In 2013, firearms were used in 60% of all murders, 40% of robberies, and 21.6% of all aggravated assaults.  You need to understand how these attacks occur and how to best defend them.  In order to understand how to defend gun thre... Read More

5 Myths to Learning Krav Maga Online

5 Myths to Learning Krav Maga Online.  You can not learn Krav Maga without physically being in a class!1. You CAN learn Krav Maga online.  We all learn at different speeds, but we all learn the same way, seeing and hearing.  You have an instructor right in front of you with online training.  Online training gives you the options to stop, pause, and rewind at any point in the video... Read More

Krav Maga step by step

Krav Maga Step by Step Guide to the One Size Fits All Gun DefenseThe first step is to identity the threat, then bring your hands to the height of the threat, keeping your hands close to the gun.  Once you are in the  pre technique position, we defend.The first thing we do is grab the slide of the gun with our left hand (you can use your right).  Push the gun to the i... Read More

Krav Maga the Best Self Defense System?

Why is Krav Maga the Best Self Defense System?Krav Maga, if taught correctly, builds on your body's natural reactions to being attacked. You need to understand how the body reacts to attacks and what physiological changes occur in your body; these changes affect your response.Let's look at a few of the physiological changes in the body under this type of stress.Loss of peripheral vision - Thi... Read More

Krav Maga and Terrorism

Krav Maga and TerrorismKrav maga was developed in Israel for the purpose of equipping Israeli soldiers with the best fighting system available.  Krav Maga means "Contact Combat". Krav Maga has been battled tested for nearly 70 years.  Let's think about this for a second; Israel has been at war with terrorist since the country was recognized.  If you want to learn how to fight a spec... Read More

Krav Maga, The Israeli Special Forces, and YOU

Krav Maga, The Israeli Special Forces, and YOUDo You Need the Same Training as the Israeli Special Forces?Ahh!!! NO, you don't.  The Israeli Special Forces, Navy Seals and other specialized groups train for specific missions; each mission requires different equipment and tactics.  As a civilian or law enforcement officer, you require a different set of tactics and equipment.  Don't misunderstand me; th... Read More